NTSet ActiveX, v2.06

NTSet ActiveX, v2.06 2.06

Collection of ActiveX controls for directly accessing Windows...

Collection of ActiveX controls for directly accessing Windows NT features. NTSet ActiveX, v2. 06 includes 6 components:AxNTEventLog: This ActiveX control significantly simplifies the access to Windows NT event log.

Using it you are able to create your own event log analyzers that will perform specific monitoring tasks. AxNTUserMan: The ActiveX control allows to easily manage users accounts on local and remote Windows NT servers and workstations.

AxNTService: The ActiveX control interacts with Windows NT services on local or remote computers. It may start, stop, delete, create and configure services.

AxNTPrivilege: This ActiveX control edits list of privileges (user rights) assigned to the user`s account or process. It also can edit list of accounts which hold the given privilege.

(Only for Windows NT). AxNTFileSecurity: this ActiveX control is one of the most sophisticated, yet simple to use tools for controlling file access rights on NTFS partitions.

Now, with just a few keystrokes you can assign `access allowed`, `access denied` and `system audit` rights. AxNTRegSecurity: Allows to monitor and change security settings of registry keys.

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NTSet ActiveX, v2.06


NTSet ActiveX, v2.06 2.06

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